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Join The Xplorus Team

Xplorus offers many different volunteering opportunities. Below are the available positions and jobs. You can apply to as many as you like. Follow the instructions that we ask to join. We're so excited to have you on our team!

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As a writer, you will get a lot of creative freedom, however all articles must be somewhat related to education. All work needs to be reviewed and processed before publication. There is no application form, instead you may write an article on Google Documents or as a PDF and send it to the Xplorus Google Account. You will then receive an email about your article, if approved, you can write as many articles as you'd like for ONE MONTH. After the month is over, you must be approved again.

Writing with Pen
Art Supply

Graphic Designer

This is the most exclusive position, as we are only accepting two volunteers. The role of graphic designer entails help designing our website and future promotion and posts. We will heavily rely on the graphic designer and we hope to find someone reliable for the position.


We are looking for opportunities to expand Xplorus. You can apply to begin a new chapter in your own town. If your application is approved, the founders will work personally and closely with you to help bring both of our visions into life. In doing so, you can benefit both of our organizations.

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