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Top 10 Must Have School Supplies

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Top 10 Must Have School Supplies

by Tvisha Kotadia

School is just around the corner!

3 Subject Plastic Cover Notebooks

For math especially, three subject notebooks are a must-have because sections can easily be divided into notes, classwork, and homework. Best of all, the cover is plastic, therefore it's hard to tear and easy to clean. The most popular brand would be Five Stars, though as this can be a bit expensive, you can often find generic brands with the same benefits.

Bic Clear Barrel 0.7 m Mechanical Pencil

Out of all the mechanical pencils we have used, these are by far the most competent kind. For harsh writers, Bic Clear Barrel holds up well under pressure, promoting durability and efficacy in your work. The included lead is also highly pigmented, ensuring clear work and handwriting.

Angoo Pencil Case

This pencil case comes in several colors and patterns, with an unbelievably generous amount of storage space smartly compacted into a sleek triangular prism. The material is highly durable and sure to last many years to come.

TL-36X Pro Calculator

Starting from Pre- Algebra, this is the perfect calculator to own, and we can't even count how many times it has helped us through some very stressful testing situations. The Pro includes a multiview display therefore, you can easily access old calculations. Plus, you can input stacked fractions, so it makes solving complicated algebra problems easier.

iQ folder- Heavy Duty Twin Pocket Poly Portfolio

We've owned this brand of folders for a long time, and they still look brand new, for they are profoundly durable. The price is affordable, and even if you try to rip it with your own hands, there's no possibility you'll make even a minor dent.

FriXion Erasable Pens

If you are a beginner in writing with a pen, this is a wonderful writing tool to own for its smooth writing experience and eraser. The nib is thin for clear and precise handwriting, while also coming in a variety of colors to make them ideal for note-taking.


Mildliners are great for highlighting and note-taking as they don't overwhelm the eyes. They come in a variety of colors and kits to specialize to your preferences, some having two types of points, one on either side, making it easy to annotate different size text for clean, easy to read notes.

Zebra Sarasa Dry Gel Pens 0.5

The ink on these pens dry astonishingly fast, so there's no need to worry about smudging, plus there's little to no bleeding. The pen isn't the cheapest thing on the market, but if you enjoy writing in pen often, this is the perfect writing tool for you.

TI-84 Plus CE Colored Graphing Calculator

This graphing calculator has easy-to-use features, high resolution, and best of all, it's colored with a backlit display. The calculator has a rechargeable battery, and is AP, ACT, and SAT approved. If there's any calculator that will last through your education, it's this one.

Five Star Reinforced Paper, College Ruled

This may seem like a basic school supply, but when it comes to lined paper it has to be college ruled, and if it's reinforced that's a huge bonus. College Ruled is perfect for long notes and can transform your writing, though if you tend to write very largely, we recommend sticking with wide-ruled. Reinforced paper is great for long-term use and keeps papers from tearing throughout the year, leaving your notes in exceptional condition.

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